Saturday, December 27, 2008

No. 13

is the tune playing right
now... gotta love the pixies.

Oh, Indeed...

today's post title is a one liner from the wire's
oh so smooth-gay- shotgun wielding stick-up guy,
omar little ("omar comin'!")... yes, i'm still on this
kick, years after the series is over. it's some good
shit, i ain't lying! check it out.

Monday, December 22, 2008

! Feliz Navidad !

i hope all of you are enjoying this
christmas-y time of year. i have taken
this time of year to eat and relax and
generally be lazy. i love it. and please
don't judge me... i said don't.

anyhoo, here are some more faves of
mine lately... yeah! more faves.

1. when frangela fills in for my
girl stephanie miller.

2. finding an old, but awesome morphine disc and
having it stir up old memories.

3. making and eating bizcochitos... we use lard in ours 'cause we
cool like that.

4. making and eating tamales, also made
with lard. yum.

5. the wire... obsessed! i'm seriously.

here's a little clip to get you in the holiday spirit!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

some favorites

of mine lately are:

1. Homemade apple cider... yum.

2. Re-connecting with this old girl... stay tuned!

3. Using the excuse "It's the holidays!" to eat what-
ever the hell I want.

4. A very Wham! christmas.

5. HAM.

wham! ham! wham! ham! wham! ham!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

isn't she lovely?

so my neighbor Char-char was getting
rid of some stuff and look what I was
lucky enough to come across:

I put her on my coat
and now I look cute.

Hello, Hello!

I got home from my work trip to Oahu
on Sunday and headed to the Frontier
so I could stuff my face with this:
I know.
Then later that evening I had Thai food
with the boys and was in a state of euphoria.
The next morning, I saw God.

I can't sleep on red-eyes because my ass
goes numb and that's a very uncomfortable
way to sleep, so I watched the in-flight flick,
Ghost Town, with the Office creator/genius,Ricky Gervais.
Check it out... although it's very predictable,
it's cute and witty. And Kristen Wiig's also in it.

I had a great time on my work trip.
I ate a lot (as always), worked, sang
@ Karaoke, saw sweet dolphins up close,
witnessed locals gutting fresh fish(2 diff
occasions!),took pictures like a tourist
and enjoyed the time away from the office.
It always helps when I get to travel with
a really nice girl who, although not nearly
as...bitchy(??) as I, can always join in on
the eye-rolling and shit talking that is,
lets face it, inevitable. Here are some pics
from the short week away:
the best shrimp truck on the island...
i ate ALL that shrimp and loved it.

...cute dolphin and beautiful Diamond Head...

... cook your own steak...
while enjoying one of the best. songs. ever.

then rock the house with a classic, "You Ain't Woman Enough".

me being tourist-y.

more later, gotta eat some Onion Soup.

also, one of our chickens, Hazel, is laying
mad amounts of eggs, 4 days in a row, but
that's a whole other post... stay tuned, chickenheads!

Friday, December 05, 2008

hey hey hey!

having a good time on the
island, hope all of you are

going to the north shore today,
looking forward to it. and to
shrimp trucks. word.