Sunday, April 29, 2007

Good Tunes...

Here are a couple of my current fave tunes:

I'm No Good -
Rehab- Amy Winehouse

Together-The Raconteurs

Gun Street Girl-Tom F*%&ing Waits

*I'm trying to figure out how to create a small playlist
that can be downloaded from my page...stay tuned.

Guess Who!

I woke up a bit earlier than Craig today, so I messed
around on the 'puter @ a site that Alison told me about a
while back and this is what I came up with:

me as a pretty older lady with blue eyes...

me as an older black lady...

and me as a cute babyface.

The site is pretty fun if you have some
time to kill... check it out:
Transform Yo' Self!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Coma Girl

for Sweets:

"I was crawling through a festival way out west..
I was thinking about love and the acid test.
But first I got real dizzy with a real rockin' gang.
Then I saw the coma girl, and the excitement gang.

And the rain came in from the wide blue yonder-
through all the stages, I wandered.

Oh coma girl, and the excitment gang,
Mona lisa, on a motorcylce gang!
coma girl, coma girl...

The coma girl was beating with the oil drum gang...
some fast food fanatic was burning down a burger van.
Somebody was waling off their head,
Nobody was rippin the teen scene dead.

And the rain, came in from the wide blue yonder-
I thought you and me might wander...

Oh coma girl, and the excitement gang,
Mona Lisa, on a motorcycle gang!
coma girl, coma girl, on a motorcycle gang...

And then the nineteenth hour was falling upon desolation row,
some outlaw band, had the last drop on the go.
'Lets siphon up some gas!! lets get this show on the road!!',
said the coma girl, to the excitement gang.

Into action , everybody sprang!
and the oil drums were beating out, doolang, doolang!

Coma girl and the excitment gang,
Mona Lisa on a motorcycle gang."

--Joe Strummer

Great song, it's Friday and I get to sleep in tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


song of the day:

"When you first left me I was wanting more
But you were f*&%$#g that girl next door, what cha do that for (what cha do that for)
When you first left me I didn't know what to say
I never been on my own that way, just sat by myself all day

I was so lost back then
But with a little help from my friends
I found a light in the tunnel at the end
Now you're calling me up on the phone
So you can have a little whine and a moan
And it's only because you're feeling alone

At first when I see you cry,
yeah it makes me smile, yeah it makes my smile
At worst I feel bad for a while,
but then I just smile I go ahead and smile

Whenever you see me you say that you want me back
And I tell you it don't mean jack, no it don't mean jack
I couldn't stop laughing, no I just couldn't help myself
See you messed up my mental health I was quite unwell

I was so lost back then
But with a little help from my friends
I found a light in the tunnel at the end
Now you're calling me up on the phone
So you can have a little whine and a moan
And it's only because you're feeling alone

At first when I see you cry,
yeah it makes me smile, yeah it makes my smile
At worst I feel bad for a while,
but then I just smile I go ahead and smile"

--Lily Allen

Monday, April 23, 2007


I 'm always looking forward to the weekend
(who isn't?) and I'm always bummed when it
passes... for some reason, people are extra
annoying on Mondays.Oh well, not much can
be done about it.

We did have some good food though, that always
makes me smile. Sweets made some meatloaf (so good!)
on Saturday night and I could not be wait to
have cold meatloaf sandwiches the next day. I
made us sandwiches with some of the toasted bread
Craig is so good at making and added some garlic
mayo and THEY ROCKED! I didn't talk for the 5
minutes it took to devour the thing!

On Sunday we had a yard sale and got up early.
Here are some shots from our day outside:

Dinner that night called for beef, bean and
onion burritos with HOT ASS green chile that
Craig was so sweet to make us... they were sooo
hot and delicious, there was no time to photograph
it as I could not wait to dig in.

This was my Sunday night snack of chocolate ice
cream, rice chex and milk... I had it in bed:

this is definitely not a healthy midnight snack... i don't care,
it tastes so good! i am, however, embarrassed when i wake
up in the morning with chocolate around the corners of my
mouth... come on now.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Yellow Rose of Texas"

has been Bombay's nickname due to his cute gold ribbon he's
been wearing the past few days, courtesy of me:

(close up provided by sweets.)

Friday, April 20, 2007

See Ya' At The Rock Show!

Sunday was the Neko Case show and I had a blast!
Neko sang all may favorite songs, and she looked
gorgeous! And despite the grumpy ass folks in front
of us, my pretty friends and I had a great time!

Dre, Tana, Lori and Kelli looking cute and excited:

Michelle and Jay after the show:

and Batpants, Jay and Richard at the end of the night:

Thursday's Dinner

was heaven I tell ya'.

Craig made us his famous sausage and pepper sandwiches,
along with a deliciously beautiful salad...

(spicy sausages with grilled onions, peppers and marinara with romano on a crusty baguette.)

(mixed greens with tomatoes, strawberries, balsamic marinaded onions and lemon zest with shaved parmesan, homemade croutons and e.v. olive oil.)

For dessert we had chocolate cake and hot tea.

We also tasted jelly bean flavors: coconut, rootbeer, watermelon, VANILLA ICING???, butterscotch, raspberry, grape, more icing flavors...

there may have been others, but it was very sweet tasting sweets with my sweets.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lady Pilot...


Stars can't fight city lights
They've turned their backs on us
It's true today, I saw it from the plane
Aeroplanes were never built to fly

Down down down down...
Don't look down
Don't look now

Crosshairs of our shadow trace the dam
Told that there were people trapped alive
Boulder City looks like coals in the fire

Cabin's perched by satellites
And now it's flying down
We've got a lady pilot
She's not afraid to die

It's true today, I saw it from the plane
We've almost finished reeling in the sky
Power lines once laced the heavens
Pima County looks like coals in the fire..."

WOO-HOO, tonight is Neko and I'm thrilled!

It's been a great day so far...
after Craig and I did the "devil's business"
this morning, he made me delicious french
toast- from homemade bread- bacon and coffee:

he's soo sweet to me.

Here are some more shots from this weekend:

(delicious flank steak prepared by sweets.)

(baby's black+white chucks.)

(bombay in his yard while sweets cooks us some food.)

***WARNING... next photo has major "eeewww" factor:

(poor baby, another bike accident. geesh- between getting hit
by a car, breaking his leg and now this, i'm convinced craig on
his bike is invincible!)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

These Past Few Days,

this is what has been captured by our camera:

(craig and bombay's arrival in espanola.)

('camel rock' in northern n.m. - we were driving, no clue as to who the "ninja pisser" is.)

(the next 3 pics are of the drive home from espanola with a bouquet of tulips in my lap.)

("gangsta big toe" - was angus' idea... good one!)

(bombay helping sweets "drive" us to espanola.)

(delicious risotto for dinner made by lover face.)

(momma and gooey eyes.)

(bombs admiring and loving the hell out of sweets.)

(bumbs being very cute and sweet and slighty annoyed.)

(cute angus and big toe.)

(lover face sweets... need i say more?)

I'm so fortunate and grateful to have such beautiful people and things in my life... lucky me!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm so excited, I get to see Neko Case in 5 days!

This is one of my favorite tunes of hers, I'm sure she'll play it... hopefully.

"Oh lie...
I thought you were golden,
I thought you were wise.
Caught you returning
To the house you caught fire.
But I know that I was your favorite...
And I said 'Amen'.

Wise, found favor in heaven,
And I at your side.
But I never felt sorry
For those shimmering lies.
When I laid down and cried,
I was faking.
And I said 'Amen'.

Last night I dreamt
That I hit a deer with my car...
Blood from his heart
Spilled out onto my dress and was warm.
He begged me to follow,
But legions of sorrow defied me.

Oh lie...
I thought you were golden,
I thought you were wise.
When I caught you returning
To the house you caught fire.
But I know that I'm your favorite.
And I said 'Amen'
Oh favorite..
And I said 'Amen'."

Monday, April 09, 2007


Craig and I relaxed together all day on Saturday
and it was FABULOUS! We made breakfast together -
pancakes, eggs, green chile + cheese enchiladas,
potatoes, bacon and tortillas, coffee and oj.
While we were doing so, this was on the play list:

"Something about the wrinkle in your forehead tells
me there’s a fit about to get thrown.
If we get the van out of the ditch before
morning, ain’t nobody got to know what I done.
And I never hear a single word you say when
you tell me not to have my fun.
It’s the same old shit that I ain’t gonna take off anyone.
And I don’t need to be forgiven, by them people in the
neighborhood. When we first hooked up, you looked me in
the eye and said “Paw, we just ain’t no good”.

We were Heathens in their eyes at the time, I guess I am
just a Heathen still. And I never have repented from the
wrongs that they say I have done. I done what I feel...

It was a difficult delivery, now it’s growing up mean and
strong. When you tell me that it’s getting a little bit tight,
ain’t the first time I been outgrown. And I’m gonna push a
little harder. She ain’t revved till the rods are thrown.
I ‘ll walk away...

And I don’t need to be forsaken by you or anybody else.
and I never had a shortage of people tryin’ to warn me about
the dangers I pose to myself.

These times can take their toll sometimes and I know you feel
the same way too. It gets so hard to keep between the ditches
when the roads wind the way they do."

--Drive-By Truckers

Later that afternoon, we felt like some Asian food,
so we thought we'd try the Japanese place up the street
from our house, but they decided to close early that day
for some reason. So, instead we had Kai's Kung Fu- also
up the street from our house. We also took Bumbs on 2 walks
that afternoon. For dinner, Craig made us a roasted chicken
and it rocked! We sat around in our pajamas the rest of the
night and enjoyed each others company. I'm very lucky to have
such a great friend and lover face in Craig.

(this pic was from last summer, we were having ice cream and
angus is behind the camera.)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Girls, Girls, Girls

I got to hang out with Lori and Kristen last night...
we had a great time! We laughed, talked men, shit
and life. Here's one of the 2 photos I got last night:

Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm Big in Japan...

I listened to this on my way to work this morning... love it.

My friend Kristen is in town, so I get to hang out
with her and Lori tonight. I think we're going to
Anodyne to play pool- which I'm not very good at,
but still like playing. Craig is always so sweet
with me being able to hang out with the girls.
Gosh, I love him so.

**also, today is my 100th post... wow, time flies!

"I got the style
But not the grace.
I got the clothes
But not the face.
I got the bread
But not the butter.
I got the window
But not the shutter.

But I'm big in Japan-
I'm big in Japan-
But heh I'm big in Japan.

I got the house
But not the deed.
I got the horn
But not the reed.
I got the cards
But not the luck.
I got the wheel
But not the truck.

But heh I'm big in Japan.
I'm big in Japan-
I'm big in Japan."

--Tom Waits

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So Very Delicious...

I met Craig over at the University for lunch today.
There is a couple who prepare fresh bread in an
orno , which is a small outdoor fireplace, and they
also prepare fry bread, posole and Indian tacos.
It was soooo very delicious:

We also have a warm loaf of bread cooling on the
counter and it smells great!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Our Weekend...

Well, to say the least, we had a very interesting weekend.

Craig and I bought some paint for our bathroom-
'Refreshing Pool' - which we are currently working
on improving by re-tiling the shower and updating
the fixtures. We were really happy with the turnout,
as it looks 1,000 times better than before.

Then on Sunday after a breakfast of buscuits, eggs w/ cheese
and green chile + bacon, we set about to start our day. I did a
load of laundry, Craig picked up Angus from his ma's place and
I cleaned up a little. Angus and I took Bombs on walk - actually,
I walked Bombs and Angus skated along on his board which he
got from Santa (me + craig) and he's really good! Here are some shots:

Later, Angus gave me a few pointers and I hopped on his
skateboard myself. I am pleased to say that I can stand
upright, pick up speed and stop without breaking my neck.
I can turn, but they are really slow turns, so I hope to
hop on again and get better. Who knows, I may end up
getting one for myself - it is fun!

On Sunday, there was a major disaster in the yard:
Crusty Pipes + 60 years = BAD NEWS!!!

So, for the remainder of Sunday evening, all day Monday and
Tuesday morning we were without water. It was like camping...
except fancier - we got to sleep in our warm beds and we got to
watch some television. I almost took a pic of my greasy ass
hair,but decided against it - too greasy. Craig was so sweet,
he made sure Angus , Bombs and I were as comfortable as
possible. Alas, we are civilized (sort of) with running water!