Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lets Recap, Shall We...

Woke up this morning to the pug snoring really loud...
he had a bath last night so he was especially soft and
nice smelling when we cuddled today. Craig calls it our
"love affair" when he sees us cuddling in our mornings.

Giggled with my sweetie and fondled each other a bit.
He brought me coffee because he's great like that.

Got somewhat "ready" while Craig fed Angus. And
I got a little frustrated 'cause I need a haircut
like no body's business and I've yet to get one.

Enjoyed some Stephanie Miller on the way to work...
she's damn hilarious.

I just had a meatloaf sandwich with garlic mayo
on rustic bread for my (early) lunch and it was
AWESOME! It made me very happy!

This evening, Craig's cool French/Jewish friend, Clement
is coming over to hang out with us. He and Craig have
known each other for years and he always visits us when
he's in town... he lives in Cali. He also brought me flowers
once and Bombay some Jerky Treats. Bombay of course
took the treats and continued to torture the poor guy
anyway. He's funny like that.

Now, I'm just chillin' here at work until it's time for
me to "fly this coop".

"I'll check y'all later..." ~ Bob Morales, La Bamba

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

List of Loves

  1. Craig ~ he's my best friend, he is tall and he is caring.
  2. Bombay ~ he's little and sweet and always happy to see me.
  3. Planet Hiltron and Glamour Shots!
  4. Cold Wu-ders.
  5. Chicharrone burritos.
  6. When my hair is greasy and I can do ANYTHING to it.
  7. Cute e-mails from my beautiful 7 year old niece.
  8. Getting out of work @ 330pm Tuesdays + Thursdays.
  9. Flip -flop season... I hate wearing real shoes unless it's to go out and look cute!
  10. These silly little lists.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Back Butterin'

is a term used in tiling and construction...
"Hey, man, I need some back butter NOW!
Keep it comin'... I need it all day long!"

(you had to be there.)

Anyhow, I had the day off so I got to sleep
in with the boys (my favorite thing to do!) and
then Craig and I drove up to East Central for
some delicious breakfast @ Perea's. The drive
to "that part of town" is always a blast as it
is the perfect area for some prime people watching.

We both had Huevos Rancheros.

And these are some shots, some played with,
of the drive back down East Central:

Then, upon return home, the 3 of us hopped back into
bed and took a nap for about an hour or so while listening
to re-runs of Craig's homies on the Don and Mike Show.
We woke up to Bombs flippin' out over the mail delivery.
At that point, we got up and had some tasty iced coffee
and did some chores. I got into some overalls and a
pink tee 'cause it was/is hot and Craig flirted with
me by saying I looked as though I was starring in a
porno 'cause of my outfit. Gosh, he's so frickin' sweet.

Now we're about to head out to the sto' fo' something
for supper. I really don't feel like cooking, so who
knows, we may have leftover pizza and a salad. We are
also going to watch World's Fastest Indian tonight, so
I'm looking forward to that. I love movie night with my

As we say in these parts..laterzzz.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Looking Forward

to lots of things lately...

1. Wilco in May with my Sweets!

2. America's Next Top Model... it's
Wednesday, yo! And, my fave gal got
the boot last week, so now I'm liking
on Whitney and her "plus-sized" self.
(she's cute and sassy!)

3. Catching up on my fave new blog,
Chef's Widow... check it out if you
have a moment, her hubby is a bad-ass
chef, she has 2 adorable bebes and a pug.
I'm in.

4. Going to Northern Cali in June with my
favorite person for a scooter rally... yay!

5. Making all sorts of crafty things for
a craft fair coming up... coasters, candles,
photos, greeting and postcards, glitter and
so much more!

6. Having tomorrow off... going to get
my (evil) ojos checked- mama needs
some new glasses!

**Hi, Rachael Jean.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


crazy busy weekend so far...

Friday night, Craig and I watched
No Country For Old Men and,
omg, it was in-fucking-tense! Great
story, beautiful scenery (NM is gorgeous!)
and fabulous actors made for a very
entertaining flick. And any ladies-
or men, interested in seeing Javier
Bardem in the buff, email me and I'll
forward you the link. I could just link
it now, but then that'd make me
a little tart, now wouldn't it?

Saturday, Craig and Joffe started working
on our infamously un-finished bathroom and
I made enchiladas like nobody's business. I
made a red casserole with beef and onions and
a green casserole with chicken and cheese. The
green is my sister Lyd's recipe and it was a
huge hit here @ our place... thanks, Lyd!
Cheese and onions for days, yo.

and beans, of course.

Here's a pretty shot:

and a few cute ones:

now, I gotta go hold Bombay, the wind
frightens him.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Very excited it's Friday!

We had El Modelo for dinner last night, an ode to that:

and watched and old favorite, Garden State...
"Peace Out, Playa!"-Titimbe (for Lori G.)

Craig had a paper due before his spring break
(when he'll be workin' on the bathroom, how fun!)
so I wached another movie by me lonesome,
the fabulous Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
and then crashed early after having some chips.

Here's another creation I made: is where you can make yours!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whew, It's Almost Over!

the work week, that is.

Talked with my girl, Amanda yesterday and happy
to hear she'll be in NM in April... party time!

Went running again yesterday while Craig and
our cool friend , Joffe, talked bathrooms (ours
in particular) and showers and stuff. They will
be (woo-hoo!) finishing the project we started
last year and I couldn't be happier! And yes, our
bathroom was partially un-finished all year, get
over it... we can't all be perfect!

Made some pesto and pasta for dinner and also
had some delish Onion soup Craig made so damn

Today, I laughed at comments Rachael left me on
the old blog-- love that girl!

Also, I caught up on one of my fave sites, Stuff White
People Like
and did a little work while anticipating
tonights new episode of America's Next Top Model...
my fave this cycle so far is Amis. She's cute and quirky.
And I'm sorry, but Fatima is a bitch.

Now, I'm patiently waiting for my lunch break so I
can grab a ginger ale and get some sun!

How's your day going so far?

"Evil home stereo, what good songs do you know?
Evil me, oh yeah I know, what good curves can you throw?

Well all that icing and all that cake,
I can't make it to your wedding, but I'm sure I'll be at your wake.
You were talk, talk, talk, talkin' in circles that day,
when you get to the point make sure that I'm still awake, OK?"

~Modest Mouse , Bukowski

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it's tuesday and i feel fine...

I'm loving all this gorgeous weather!

I went for my first run (in a while!) after
work yesterday and it was great! I was over
at UNM , the sun was setting and it was very
peaceful. I walked / ran a total of 5 laps
and it felt awesome! I can't wait til my ass
starts rockin' again... ok, let's face it, my
ass is always rockin'. What I really want to
do is tone up and feel good in a swimsuit. I
think I already look pretty good, but of course,
we all could use a little more help!

I also have a jumprope and a hula hoop that I'm
going to use to mix things up a little... looking
forward to feeling like a kid again!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Me Me Me...

time to list some stuff about myself that
you may not know about yours truly... time
to grab a cup of coffee and get comfy, this
could take a while. or not.

grilled cheese sandwiches it!
black pug dogs
ice cold water
long toes
floss and floss sword thingies
hot dogs
old-timey photos...ok, all photos.
enchiladas with onions and egg
taking bombay on walks
people watching... anywhere!
crunchy foods
reading... all sorts on stuff
the people in my life
singing along to my fave tunes
ginger ale
my new hula hoop
pretty smiles
rainy days
watching movies
ginger granola

greasy hair
short toes
bad breath
uggs on adults
waking up early
big girls in little shoes
my hands (butcher-like)
milk (for drinking, not cooking)
hairy backs (eeewww!)
brussel sprouts
my red-hot temper
yummy restaurants that are
closed on sundays... wtf?
unannounced visits
humid weather

Hold On

i love this song and video.
and Tom Waits, of course.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Aretha, Sing One For Me

here's what I listened to on the way to work:

Aretha, Sing One For Me ~ Cat Power
You're My Toy ~ Elvis Costello
Ocean Breathes Salty ~ Modest Mouse
15 ~ Rilo Kiley
Set Out Running ~ Neko Case
La La Love You ~ Pixies
Kissing the Lipless ~ the Shins
Back to Black ~ Amy Winehouse
The Greatest ~ Cat Power

The Darjeeling Limited

arrived at our place yesterday and it was hilarious!
Check out this film, you're sure to enjoy it!

It was very entertaining, I was sorry when it finished.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Today is Awesome!

so far anyway....

Craig and I got to sleep in, had some coffee
then hit up Angus's soccer game. They lost,
but did really well anyway. After, Craig and
I had lunch at Owl Cafe(best. cheeseburgers.
ever. really.) where they greet you w/ a bowl
of beans and crackers. It was yum.

When we got home, we set up our new bed that
we cannot wait to break in (*wink*wink*) and
hung out with the pug that we love so much.

Tonight, I'm looking forward to a new SNL
with Ellen Page and Wilco, who are always

Anyhow, hope your weekend is just as awesome
as mine is so far!