Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rachel Getting Married

I watched this last week and
you know what? It's depressing
as all hell, but very real. I guess
that's why it's depressing? Anyhow,
check it out if you need a good
laugh AND cry!

Monday, March 16, 2009


We viewed the Meso-Americhanics Exhibit after a
late breakfast at La Fonda del Bosque restaurant yesterday.
For all you locals, the National Hispanic Cultural Center offers
free admission on Sundays... a great way to spend the afternoon!

Here's a tiny peek at the greatness of this show:
I went home with all sorts of ideas and inspiriration!

Monday, March 09, 2009

monday already?!

today is rainy and grey... i SO wanted to stay in
bed this morning...

oh well.

i did have a SUPERB weekend, though.

on friday night, we stayed home, had dion's pizza
and introduced angus to freaks and geeks and he
really enjoyed it!

saturday was a super busy day! we got to sleep
in, which was awesome, then headed over to
amerasia for some delicious dim sum. this is my
favorite thing to eat there:

after that, we headed up to the heights for angus's first
soccer game of the season... they lost, but played well.

and after that, we went to see watchmen and it
THOROUGHLY.KICKED.ASS. many asses, actually.
i (of course) was crushing on almost all of the characters,
especially silk spectre II


and here's a photo of one of the coolest 10 yr.olds, halloween 2008:
he CLEARLY loves the comics like his pops... cu-ute!

on sunday, we cleaned the house like nobody's business.

it took me 4 hours to clean the the bathroom from top
to bottom. then another 3 hours to do the living room,
top to bottom. i felt bad for craig, he did the entire
kitchen by himself. now, we're not the dirtiest people
in the world, but apparently not the cleanest either.
what? i HATE cleaning almost as much as i hate folding
the white loads of laundry! too many damn socks!! oh, i
was ranting for a sec, forgive me.

after cleaning pretty much all day long, we had dinner here:

it was sooo good.

all of it!

Monday, March 02, 2009

little blinky...

July 2008 - February 2009

the ameraucana with green feet.

you were so cute... you had those sweet green feet
and those crazy-ass sideburns that looked course
but were in face super soft. the few eggs you layed
for us were oh-so-perfect... i'll never forget you,
punk-rock chicken.