Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Recap

" Hi everybody!"

Hope everyone had a nice weekend... I did.

Craig and I had dinner at Patio's on Friday
evening... enchiladas w/ beef and onion for
me. huevos rancheros for Sweets. We sat on
the patio and enjoyed the cool evening air
and we saw the judge from the Wire... I was
going to take a pic 'cause I don't give a f*%k,
but Craig was having none of it. Next time.


On Saturday, the 2 of us slept in and then
headed outside to paint the chicken coop.
We were both hot and grumpy, but after a
little flirting and flashing of body parts, we
we're just fine. I'll post some pics of the coop
and the girls soon. They're doing really well
and they seem to like their new home, that makes
us all very happy. The only family member
who doesn't care for his new sisters is Bombay.

He just can't help himself. When he gets around
the chicks, first off he has to be held, and secondly
he shakes and tries to get free while making
his "i'm gonna get you" grunts. No matter how
many times we tell him he'll always be our favorite
baby, he still tries to get him some chickens.


Sunday, Craig, Angus and I had breakfast at
Loyola's (so delish as always!), then headed
back home. With the heat and all the food we
had, the 4 of us had to lay down in the family
bed and rest a little. "Rest" with all 4 of us
usually consists of us holding Bombs and telling
him how sweet and precious he is. I know.

Later, Angus and I drove over to the westside to
meet up with my sister, nieces and nephew for
some swimming. Why the westside for swimming?
The pool we like to go to is the only outdoor pool
that we know of w/ a diving board. Also, Craig
used to take tennis lessons there w/ his bro back
in the day. Cu-ute! Then we watched a classic~
National Lampoon's Vacation as a family. And
we laughed. A lot. We've been trying to introduce
Angus to all sorts of 80's classics. He seems to enjoy
them, after the intial "80's? Yuck!" factor.

*Today is alright... hot as hell outside. I think
I'll head over to Sonic and get a cherry limeade
and enjoy the summertime indoors for the next few

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

meet the girls...

we got our chicks this weekend
and they are so adorable...

here they are:
welcome home!
left to right: isotope, hazel & huevolina...

hazel is the one with some brown on
her little feathers and she's a langshan.
isotope and huevolina (lina) are jersey giants.
craig, angus and i are still learning about our
chickens, so i'll post more info as we learn!

Discover Whiskeytown!

a little ditty for you

it's a classic.
to me anyway.

free music

Friday, June 13, 2008

david sedaris speaks...

here in new mexico.... on june 21st to be exact!

Can You Believe It?

It's been a long week and I thought Friday would
never come... but it's here! Finally! Woo-hoo!

It all started with the trip to the lady doctor...
that's always fun. Luckily all of my parts are
in order, I'm happy for that.

Then, I knew I was getting my period when I got
home on Tuesday afternoon and stood over the
kitchen sink eating cold, leftover steak... with
ketchup. I was ravenous, I tell you.

Later that evening we watched In the Valley of Elah
and it was good but depressing. Some of it was
filmed in our neighborhood and there are lots of
shots of familiar places in Abq., that's always fun.
But, geez, talk about sad.

Last night we watched the Celtics beat the Lakers.
It wasn't by much, but it was a great game. There
are a handful of televised sports that I can stand,
basketball is definitely one of them. It could be
all of the cute boys running around.

This weekend we're (hopefully!) going to get some
chickens... the coop is almost done! Craig has been
working hard and it's very exciting to know that we'll
soon be living with and raising some chickens.

What are your plans for the weekend? Holla.
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Sunday, June 08, 2008

my daddy's in a coma!

my day has been great.

it started off with a cute
pug taking over my pillow
this morning... he loves it.

we got to sleep in a little on
account of all the hard work that
it takes to build a chicken coop.
yes! we're getting chickens and craig
has been working so hard on building
their chateau. i helped a little bit
yesterday, you know with the heavy
lifting because i'm strong as a man.
really, i am.

then, after a little *sexy time*
with my #1 guy, we had el modelo.
yes, that's the 2nd time in 2 weeks
and it kicked major asses once again.
and it's so much fun driving down to
that part of town... so many crazies.

craig and i also watched strangers with candy
this afternoon... hilarious as always. amy
sedaris is fabulously insane. love her.

tonight for dinner we're (craig) is grilling up
some steaks and we're going to watch game 2 of
the b-ball game... i like sweaty guys running
around and cursing. should be fun.

happy sunday evening, kids.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

random stuff-ness.

Yesterday afternoon Craig and I rode our bikes
all over the neighborhood and it was so much fun.
We rode (all over) to CNM to vote, to the Coop for
some cheese and veggies, and to the Smith's to get
stuff for soups. And to see all the crazies that seem
to be attracted to that place. Like flies on shit.


We also had delicious Il Vicino for dinner...
I had a pizza(carmelized onions, portobellos, capicolla
ham, goat cheese, hot oil and rosemary) and Craig had a
salad(greens, artichoke hearts, gorgonzola, walnuts, egg,
tomato, and chicken). It was good. So good. Of course
we shared... and by share, I mean I ate almost all of my
pizza and a lot of Sweets' salad.

We also got to watch Weeds: season 3, disc 1
and it was mighty exciting! I'm looking forward
to watching more this evening. Gosh, I aspire to
look as hot as Nancy Botwin when I'm her age...
I should put the pizza down, yes?

Monday, June 02, 2008

ahhh, mondays.

usually, i hate me some mondays.

today, however, is not so bad. i had
a few days off last week to prepare
for the arts + crafts show i was a part
of this weekend. it was a blast, btw, and
i met a ton of awesome folk, craig & angus
were sweet and brought me lunch and
i sold a (tree) painting, a collage on canvas
with paint, some photos + cards and some
other stuff which made me happy! all in all
it was really fun, looking forward to doing
it again sometime!

yesterday was a nice and relaxing day at home
with the boys, we didn't do a whole lot but cook.
we made a DELICIOUS pot of beans ( i swear, i
love beans more every day!), corn bread (i made it
for the 1st time and it was yummy! craig usually is
the one who makes it), collard greens w/ bacon+onion,
homemade mac+cheese(frozen from last time, but still
homemade) and some fried-ass chicken. Damn, that
was some good chicken.

anyhoo, back to mondays... or today, really. it's
going by a little slowly, but looking forward to
this evening... the boys and i are going to a game
@ isotopes park, and we're riding our bikes ~ our
gang, the crusty jugglers will rule the streets, so beware!
too bad sagwah can't go... he'll be so sad.

anyhow, going to take a break w/ lori and walk
around the school and talk about the shenanigans
i missed friday night at a work party... good times.