Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love long weekends...

and i love sleeping in.

we've been taking it easy
this weekend... not a lot
going on and that's how i
like it.

yesterday i made bbq pork
sandwiches and potato salad
for dinner, chocolate cake
for dessert. craig worked on
a house project most of the
day, so in the evening we
watched a movie, Before the
Devil Knows You're Dead
. It
was really good and I totally
like Phillip Seymour Hoffman,
but I don't like seeing him do the
*sexy times*... which he does in
the movie. Other than that, it was
very entertaining.

this morning, we puttered around
the house and had coffee and toast
and had trouble deciding on future
band names. The contenders were:
War Victim or Wounded Soldier.
In the end, War Victim won because
we decided that it was "sicker" than
Wounded Soldier. And Wounded
sounds too much like a christian
rock band. Or something.

Later we plan on walking the pug and
then taking a romantic bicycle ride thru
our neighborhood. And french fries and
gravy was also a topic of conversation...
that should be good and fun.

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