Wednesday, June 04, 2008

random stuff-ness.

Yesterday afternoon Craig and I rode our bikes
all over the neighborhood and it was so much fun.
We rode (all over) to CNM to vote, to the Coop for
some cheese and veggies, and to the Smith's to get
stuff for soups. And to see all the crazies that seem
to be attracted to that place. Like flies on shit.


We also had delicious Il Vicino for dinner...
I had a pizza(carmelized onions, portobellos, capicolla
ham, goat cheese, hot oil and rosemary) and Craig had a
salad(greens, artichoke hearts, gorgonzola, walnuts, egg,
tomato, and chicken). It was good. So good. Of course
we shared... and by share, I mean I ate almost all of my
pizza and a lot of Sweets' salad.

We also got to watch Weeds: season 3, disc 1
and it was mighty exciting! I'm looking forward
to watching more this evening. Gosh, I aspire to
look as hot as Nancy Botwin when I'm her age...
I should put the pizza down, yes?


Mint Julep said...

We get Season 3 pretty soon! Very excited!
Next on our list is Flight of the Concords. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

that is exactly what i like to get from Il vicinos. The same pizza and salad. All for me!