Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Saturday!

Whew! The work week is over and I could not be happier!

Bombs and I are home alone this weekend, Craig is in
Espanola for the weekend with Angus, helping out his
folks. Anyhow, after sleeping in til about 10am, I got up,
had some coffee and ran some errands... with Bombay.
It's very hard driving with him sometimes because he is
always wanting to get into the driver's seat. But, he was
dying to get out, so I took him along. When we returned,
after a snack of scrambled eggs, green chile and cheddar,
I started messing around on the 'puter. This is what I did:

I turned a not so good self portrait into a Photoshop
work of art.

I rule.

ok, it was super easy, but it looks a lot better than
the original.

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