Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm Home.

I love to travel. But more than that, I love coming home.

pug sleeping on cute!

I had a great time in San Diego with the girls, it was so
good to see them. I always have fun with Amanda +
Rachael no matter where we are.

I also got a wicked sunburn. It will soon be a killer tan,
but for now, it sucks. I sunscreened, but apparently after
5 hours at the beach, spf 30 is not good enough applied
just once.

I did meet this cute ass bulldog near the beach...

totally worth the burn.

One afernoon I spent on the boardwalk and pier on Pacific
Beach, the area I stayed, and got some good photos. I also
saw some dolphins swimming and playing, it was amazing!
It's the perfect place for people watching - something I love.
You can rent out these cute little places on the actual pier
to fish, or relax. Or whatever.

the shots aren't too great, but you can see the dolphins if you squint...

Overall, I had a blast. But there is nothing like coming
home, especially to Craig-faces. He is taking such good
care of me and my sunburn, I love him so.

(this photo is from last summer, but we're cute, so it's ok)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you were able to come out here. I really like the style of your blog. I added it to my "favorites"!