Monday, July 23, 2007

Another Monday...

today is going alright so far.

Craig and Angus are in Espanola for
the evening, so it's just me and Bombs.
When I get home, I'll do the following:

1. Lay around on the family bed with Bombs
for a while and cool off... it's hot today.

2. Take the pug on a walk... he's been inside
all afternoon, probably eating and sleeping
and farting... he'll need some exercise.

3. Color my hair while watching The Age of Love:
Kittens vs. Cougars
and picking things up with my
toes... it's fun. I'm torn between which age group I
like best.

4. Eat some dinner... what'll I have tonight?

5. Take an evening cruise with Brittany.

6. Finalize, or at least try, the itinerary for
this weekend... anniversary/reunion thing in Espa.

7. Miss my baby... he'll be home tomorrow.

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