Friday, January 18, 2008

Beautiful Film Week

Abby Try Again is having Beautiful Film Week over
at her blog and I'm a little late getting started, but the film
I choose is Away From Her. I wrote about this film a while
back, but I find it beautiful in so many ways, I decided to write
about it again.

Love is hard. Living with someone is also hard. I could not
imagine forgetting parts of my life that I share with my
lover years from now. That's what happens when Fiona starts
to slowly lose memories from her life with and without her
husband... because of Alzheimer's Disease. After much consideration,
Fiona thinks it best for her and her husband if she is institutionalized.
From there, you see a beautiful relationship put through the ringer and
the affect on both parties.

You'll probably cry buckets of tears if you watch this movie,
but you will also appreciate those in your life once you dry
your tears.

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