Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'll Put That Cigarette Out...

in your flippin' eye!

The idiot that sat next to me and
complained that my lotion "made him
unable to breathe" no longer sits next
to me and that makes me happy. I totally
understand that certain people have
issues with certain scents, but where
the hell do you get off asking me to
refrain from wearing said lotion so
you can breathe easier? It's not as if
it's the late 90's and I'm still rocking
the infamous stripper scent of vanilla or
anything like that. And how is it the smoke
from your 20 or so breaks a day doesn't seem
to bother you, funny that LOTION does...?

Damn idiot... mix in a facial for those pores!


i like cheese said...

If the dude is smoking that much, how the hell does he even smell ANYTHING???
good riddance to him!

Mint Julep said...

I think you should put the cigarette out in his eye. Jerk!