Friday, October 10, 2008

it's the frickin' weekend, 'bout to have me some fun! ~**r. kelly

happy day to all yous!

my week has gone by very quickly and
that makes me very happy... and the
fact that i found this beauty:

a thrift store in town... score! i also
found a couple of cool old books.

i also purchased some(NEW!)old
school tube socks, they're so fly.
mine are red, white and blue... go usa!

a few fun things coming up are:

pugtoberfest 2008... bombs doesn't
have a costume yet, he may just wear
these. and a white t-shirt if i can find one.

a fun bachelorette party for kelli and a
fun wedding soon after.

**new kiDs on the blOck was cancelled...

happy weekend!

**chuck norris pees on r. kelly.


Colleen said...

You did not find that for 9 dolla! Holla! I'm just trying to bring myself to register for some Le Creuset, but I feel guilty because it costs a million dollars...

Andrea said...

i know, can you believe it?

i nearly lost my shit!

blythe said...

holy expensive enamel! how did you find that? i'd sell a kidney for a dutch oven. i don't even care what color, although i like ocean, not that i check sur la table for sale's more than my email or anything... no one should feel guilty about le creuset - it literally lasts forever. when aliens dig through the rubble that was once our planet, they will find grill pans and casserole dishes. it's an investment!