Monday, August 13, 2007

Let's Eat, Abq!

I'm so excited!

I was invited by Eat Albuquerque! to submit
restaurant reviews for eateries here in the city!
As someone who loves to eat and loves food, I am
thrilled! But, as someone who's never officially
reviewed food, on paper or online, I'm a bit nervous.
But, I think I have an upper hand in the sense that I
was a server and bartender at a number of places for
almost 10 years, so I have an idea of what people want
in a dining experience, casual or not.

I'm super grateful for the opportunity and I know I can
do a great job!

Stay tuned for my first review later this week - with
a ton of photos of course!


Alison Brownrigg said...

sweet gig. right on! xo,a

ellagood said...

awesome. good for you. open wide...

Eli Edmundson said...

What a great offer, good luck with that!