Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NM State Fair

time of year is rolling around and I can
hardly wait! Every year, Craig, Angus and I
spend an afternoon enjoying all the fair
has to offer. Angus will usually ride some
sketchy rides, and we all like to play games
with the nice carnies. The animal farm and
the 4-H exhibits are fun too. But, our absolute
fave thing to do at the fair is eat! There are
a thousand different things you can have and
they are all delicious! These are some faves:

Roasted corn with cayenne, lemon salt and butter.
Pork on a Stick... very tasty and porky.
Sausages and Peppers... not as good as Craig makes.
Fry bread with lots of powdered sugar.
Green chile tortilla burgers.
Relleno dogs... yes that's a weiner in there.
Cotton candy... everyones favorite.
Aguas Frescas - a favorite of 'dos twins.

There is also some major people watching...
and cow milking.
and "69 sex all day" stickers.
and kids embarrassed 'cause their moms
dropped them off and now they need to
be picked up w/o their potential hook
up seeing.

good times.

I love the fair.

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