Friday, August 31, 2007

La Bamba

is one of the best movies...ever.

Craig and I have always been fans, even
before we got together and we've been known
to "run our (la bamba) lines" for anyone who
will listen. We like to share the roles, so
sometimes I'm Bob or Ritchie, sometimes Craig
is Connie or Connie jr. ("is this where we're
gonna live? it's like a castle!"). Either way,
we've seen this movie about 1,000 times or so
and we BOTH shed tears at the end...everytime.
Watch as soon as possible if you haven't already!
You'll be glad you did!

"No, not my Ritchie!"

"It could've been worse, you could've been
Ricky Zuela!"



chez béz said...

I've never seen it. What's wrong with me? So many great movies out there that I've never gotten around to seeing.

Give me two weeks and I'll knock that one off of the list.

Mamacita Caliente said...

"This is like my high school prom."

"Yeah. Except this prom puts out."

Nothing like La Bamba for some awesome lines. As always I am enjoying the blog.