Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful Book Week

is a project that I came across @ Hula Seventy's blog,
but the idea is from abby try again, another deliciously
creative blog. Anyhoo, the idea is to post images
and passages from books you consider beautiful...

I'm all over it.

here's a beautiful favorite of mine:

"I wasn't born and raised to be a Kyoto geisha.
I wasn't even born in Kyoto. I'm a fisherman's
daughter from a little town called Yoroido on
the Sea of Japan. All my life I've never told more
than a handful of people anything at all about
Yoroido, or about the house in which I grew up,
or about my mother and father, or my older sister-
and certainly not about how I became a geisha,
or what it was like to be one."

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