Saturday, November 24, 2007

It Was Fun and Yummy...

now Turkey Day 2007 is over! I have to say,
we had a great day in the Blanragg Household!

Craig and I were able to lie in bed and giggle for
a bit before we got down to business... Turkey
Business, you sickos! We had our coffee and our
toast then we started planning our day. I was to
do the turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn,
cranberrry sauce and the rolls. Craig was in charge
of the dressing ( frickin' delicious.. Seattle Twin gave
some helpful pointers!), chimayo red w/ beef (for the
mashers... I'm a beaner and I need my chile and Sweets
is all too kind to hook me up!), green chile sauce (for
the dressing- oh, yeah!), and a large quantity of gravy
that rocked my world! Everything turned out to our
liking and the Pug even got some food. Of course, after
cooking all day and stuffing my face, a nap was much
needed on my part. Craig and Angus were super nice
and cleaned up the kitchen after dinner!

Here are some shots from our day:

(so. much. gravy!)

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