Sunday, March 16, 2008


crazy busy weekend so far...

Friday night, Craig and I watched
No Country For Old Men and,
omg, it was in-fucking-tense! Great
story, beautiful scenery (NM is gorgeous!)
and fabulous actors made for a very
entertaining flick. And any ladies-
or men, interested in seeing Javier
Bardem in the buff, email me and I'll
forward you the link. I could just link
it now, but then that'd make me
a little tart, now wouldn't it?

Saturday, Craig and Joffe started working
on our infamously un-finished bathroom and
I made enchiladas like nobody's business. I
made a red casserole with beef and onions and
a green casserole with chicken and cheese. The
green is my sister Lyd's recipe and it was a
huge hit here @ our place... thanks, Lyd!
Cheese and onions for days, yo.

and beans, of course.

Here's a pretty shot:

and a few cute ones:

now, I gotta go hold Bombay, the wind
frightens him.

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