Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it's tuesday and i feel fine...

I'm loving all this gorgeous weather!

I went for my first run (in a while!) after
work yesterday and it was great! I was over
at UNM , the sun was setting and it was very
peaceful. I walked / ran a total of 5 laps
and it felt awesome! I can't wait til my ass
starts rockin' again... ok, let's face it, my
ass is always rockin'. What I really want to
do is tone up and feel good in a swimsuit. I
think I already look pretty good, but of course,
we all could use a little more help!

I also have a jumprope and a hula hoop that I'm
going to use to mix things up a little... looking
forward to feeling like a kid again!

1 comment:

Mint Julep said...

Hell yes, girl! I'm not a fitness model or anything but I feel great after exercise and I will never go without it.
I also do some jump-roping and hula hooping on occasion.