Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the Southern Thing

So I found out yesterday that our good old
pals, Drive-By Truckers will be making a stop
in Santa Fe in June and Craig and I will be there
to listen to some tunes! I love me some Truckers!

"Ain't about my pistol
Ain't about my boots
Ain't about no northern drives
Ain't about my southern roots
Ain't about my guitars, ain't about my big old amps
"It ain't rained in weeks, but the weather sure feels damp"
Ain't about excuses or alibis
Ain't about no cotton fields or cotton picking lies
Ain't about the races, the crying shame
To the fucking rich man all poor people look the same

Don't get me wrong It just ain't right
May not look strong, but I ain't afraid to fight
If you want to live another day
Stay out the way of the southern thing..."

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