Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This One's For The Children...

is a song from New Kids On The Block's Christmas Album...
from the 80's. I'm sure all you ex-lovers of NKOTB have heard
the hiARious news that our favorite Bean-Towners are making
their comeback... lovin' it! As an awkward mid-schooler, (horrible
photos coming soon!) I loved me some New Kids. I was sure I was
going to marry Donnie Wahlberg one day... I just knew it.

Anyhow, needless to say, that didn't pan out, so I'll just
Hang Tough for the next few days and wait to see
if they are as awesomely bad as before!

** Who was your favorite New Kid?


Mint Julep said...

Girl, I was all about some Joey. That high pitched voice made me wanna cry. Shame.

Andrea said...

joey joe was my bf, celeste's, fave.

i think i DID cry at their concert... i remember my sister telling me how stupid
i was!

shame, indeed!

Eric the BeehiveHairdresser said...

I remember having legit conversations with girls in the 4th grade about whether or not the 12 year age difference of being 9 and 21 was too much, or if their marriage would work out.

Oddly enough, I'd actually like to see them on tour.