Wednesday, May 16, 2007


is what our camera now is.

And this is what has been captured the last week
or two in the Blanragg household:

(baby during finals... he needed a siesta.)

(bombs at the park... he just did a lot of running.)

(me...being cute and loving our wall.)

(angus at the dog park... blowing bubbles and being a kid.)

(baby showing me how much he loves me... by braising some short ribs... and
making delicious polenta on the 1st try.)

(strawberries... they're in season, what can i say?)

I have to say it again... I am so lucky to have people
in my life that love me and care about me and how
I feel. There are times when I feel like I've had it up
to here **points to imaginary line above head** and
I want nothing to do with anyone. But then I realize
that I am fortunate as hell just to be here, living, and
I know my cry-baby-ness is just me being a brat... and
whatever is bothering me that second will pass- like
bad gas, it always does.
(now THAT needs to be stitched on a pillow somewhere.)

That's my rant.

I feel lucky and loved and I have no reason to complain
about the petty things...

at least tonight anyway.

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