Saturday, May 12, 2007


I was doing some stuff on the 'puter this morning and I was
THRILLED to come across this photo, circa 1987-88ish:

(those of you that know me well know that i am not a
natural vixen with black hair... i'm a brown haired gal.)

This is my sister Lydia and I on a family vacation years
ago in California. We were on the Venice Beach Boardwalk &
I'm not sure what's up with the outfits... it was the 80's.


Natasha said...

Yep, seen that bad hair day before! I've got my 80's pics well hidden. Enjoying your site.

Anonymous said...

Awww, que cute. u had more style than me.
I didn't even try to match my clothes in those days... it was awful.

Shana said...

If you love big hair, you can still get it complete with gallons of hairspray in Texas.

I have some big hair photos too. I did magic with a curling iron.

Garrick said...

Hey! I followed you here from your comment and I'm enjoying your blog.

Don't be uncomfortable about the outfit. Embrace it! The 80's were hard on all of us, especially from a fashion perspective.

I miss my Hammer pants, but Shana said getting rid of them was a condition of our relationship.

It was a fair trade as long as I can keep my Members Only jacket.
I'll have to ask Shana where she put that. I'm sure it is around here somewhere.