Saturday, September 01, 2007

I Love Date Night, part 2.

I'm one lucky biotch! When I came home from work
yesterday, I walked into our house smelling like a
fancy ass Italian place. Craig informed me earlier in
the day of what we'd be having, but he totally went
all out!

With food from our garden, he put together a feast
for his baby! I was one happy baby!

For starters, we had lightly fried squash blossoms
stuffed with goat cheese and roasted garlic... delish.

Next, we had grilled bread with olive oil and roasted garlic -
so damn good - and a caprese salad with basil and tomatoes
from the garden , mozzarella and oil and vinegar.

And for the main course, we had parpadelle pasta
with pancetta, copa, sweet peas and pecorino cheese,
lots of pepper and love. For the side dish, we had
braised squash with bacon, onions, garlic, FIGS, and
ridicchio...oh. my. god. it was fabulous!

I really liked the vegetables... a nice change from
the usual broccoli or green beans we love so much.
I loved the roasted garlic and fig combo on grilled
bread... it was heavenly.

Later, we enjoyed La Bamba for the
1,001th time and yes, we ran our lines with the movie
and cried a little at the end.

After that, we talked and talked and talked, then
played around in our bed - you know what I mean?
After all, it was Date Night!


Alison Brownrigg said...

holy shit.

j.elliot said...

One starving musician came by to say: i'm even more hungry now. Yummy! Squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese and roasted garlic!