Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Our Weekend...

Well, to say the least, we had a very interesting weekend.

Craig and I bought some paint for our bathroom-
'Refreshing Pool' - which we are currently working
on improving by re-tiling the shower and updating
the fixtures. We were really happy with the turnout,
as it looks 1,000 times better than before.

Then on Sunday after a breakfast of buscuits, eggs w/ cheese
and green chile + bacon, we set about to start our day. I did a
load of laundry, Craig picked up Angus from his ma's place and
I cleaned up a little. Angus and I took Bombs on walk - actually,
I walked Bombs and Angus skated along on his board which he
got from Santa (me + craig) and he's really good! Here are some shots:

Later, Angus gave me a few pointers and I hopped on his
skateboard myself. I am pleased to say that I can stand
upright, pick up speed and stop without breaking my neck.
I can turn, but they are really slow turns, so I hope to
hop on again and get better. Who knows, I may end up
getting one for myself - it is fun!

On Sunday, there was a major disaster in the yard:
Crusty Pipes + 60 years = BAD NEWS!!!

So, for the remainder of Sunday evening, all day Monday and
Tuesday morning we were without water. It was like camping...
except fancier - we got to sleep in our warm beds and we got to
watch some television. I almost took a pic of my greasy ass
hair,but decided against it - too greasy. Craig was so sweet,
he made sure Angus , Bombs and I were as comfortable as
possible. Alas, we are civilized (sort of) with running water!


Alison Brownrigg said...

Oh man, super bummer. At least you still had tv. What if you didn't have tv and it was a wednesday or thursday night. Now, THAT would REALLY suck. xo, a

Andrea said...

i would IMPLODE, just implode if it were
a wed. or thurs. night... talk about disaster!