Sunday, July 22, 2007

I love It!

This weekend, that is.

Both yesterday and today, Craig, Bombs and I got
to sleep in til 11:30am or so... it. was. heaven.

We had a delicious breakfast over at the new
Perea's -why'd they move again?- and then hit
the Expo New Mexico Flea Market. We didn't
find anything great on this trip, but we did see
a local 'Burque legend, Don Schrader (sp?)...

Later, Sweets and I cuddled, ate, cuddled some more,
did our internets, loved the pug, laughed and ate just
a little more. I discovered a delicious new snack:
homemade popcorn with lots of salt + real butter, then
add cinnamon and rocks!

Today, after our sleeps, Craig made us a breakfast of toast,
scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee. He just picked up the
boy from his mum's house, so later the 3 of us are going on
a bike ride... I love my new bike!

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