Friday, August 31, 2007

I Love Date Night

Craig is my favorite guy.
Last night we had 'date night' and it was so fun!

First, we had a delicious meal at El Patio...
guacamole & salsa w/ chips to start, stuffed
sopa w/ beef and beans (a la ali) for me and
what else? Carne adovada for sweets of course.

After we stuffed ourselves, we took the short
walk back home and took the pugwa out for his
walk. Pug LOVES his walks.

Then, Craig and I went on a scooter ride from
Nob Hill to Downtown and it was sooo nice being
out with my baby on a cool summer night. I'm a
bit of a wuss - I don't like going super fast -
so I have little baby freak outs when I think
he's going too fast. I trust Craig with my life,
and I know he'd never hurt us, I just can't help
it... I'm getting better about it, though.

The rest of the evening consisted of internets,
South Park re-runs ("love is a battlefield!") and
lounging around with the pug.

I love Date Night.

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