Saturday, October 27, 2007

Currently Reading

the Nasty Bits by badass Tony Bourdain
from our local cool ass library because my
sweet lover thought of me when he and the
boy visited recently.

on fast food:

"Next time you find yourself slack-jawed and
hungry in front of a fast-food counter- and a
clown is anywhere nearby- just turn on your
heels and head for the lone-wolf, independant
operator down the street: a pie shop, a chippie,
a kebab joint, or in New York, "a dirty-water hot dog",
anywhere that the proprieter has a name...

In Mexico, one is likely to find happy swarms of
people slurping posole, a sort of soupy stew, or
menudo, a similarily delicious concoction, around
primitive carts right out in the street, electric power
provided by a chugging gas generator. A few pesos
and a few seconds and you're eating better than any
place run by evil clowns or steroid-overdosed action
movie front men."

~Anthony Bourdain

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Hellafied said...

Ooooo I haven't read this one, yet! I love me some Tony Bourdain.