Monday, December 24, 2007

How Christmas-y...

We (me) decided that it was time to give some
New Mexican christmas treats a shot this weekend
and it was mighty fun...and hard as hell. I really
had no idea what it took to throw together some
tamales and some biscochitos on a late
Saturday afternoon. But, it was something I've
been wanting to try for a while, so we did. And...
everything is so good! Sounds a little cocky, I know,
but both Craig and I were very pleased with our
hard work. We also had a super delish onion soup
that Craig made all on his own... between the tamales,
onion soup and cookies, our kitchen smelled like a
little piece of heaven. But, I do have to say, no wonder
little old abuelitas only make tamales and biscochitos
just once a year... I am still a little sore from mixing
and rolling dough. And I've never cooked with so much
lard in my life. **flips imaginary tortillas and wipes forehead simultaneously**


Onion-y and cheesy soup:

yes... that's a pig foot in Craig's broth.

and some tamales:

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