Thursday, May 01, 2008

Howdy Kids!

I've been slacking on color week, but only because
I've been super busy. I'll probably post some colors
later on today if I get a chance.

Craig and I had early bird dinner last night at
Padilla's and hit up the Sunflower Market after
for some necessities. We then rode our bikes to
UNM for some personal business. T'was a loverly
day and my skirt this week wasn't nearly as short as
last week so not too many strangers were given free
peeks of my "nether region". I'm slow, but learning.

Then, last night after ANTM (go Whitney!), Craig
had some homework to do so I watched Atonement
and I liked it. Or James McAvoy, rather.

Thursday telly is my fave night to veg out
with my pals from 30 Rock and the Office.

Tonight is also my night to cook dinner so
I think I'll make some quesadillas with a
gooey cheese, chicken and carmelized onions.
And a salad... with apples, nuts and more
cheese. MMMM, chhese.

(yes, that's my big-ass thumb.)

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Great, now I want to cram delicious cheese into my mouth.