Monday, June 02, 2008

ahhh, mondays.

usually, i hate me some mondays.

today, however, is not so bad. i had
a few days off last week to prepare
for the arts + crafts show i was a part
of this weekend. it was a blast, btw, and
i met a ton of awesome folk, craig & angus
were sweet and brought me lunch and
i sold a (tree) painting, a collage on canvas
with paint, some photos + cards and some
other stuff which made me happy! all in all
it was really fun, looking forward to doing
it again sometime!

yesterday was a nice and relaxing day at home
with the boys, we didn't do a whole lot but cook.
we made a DELICIOUS pot of beans ( i swear, i
love beans more every day!), corn bread (i made it
for the 1st time and it was yummy! craig usually is
the one who makes it), collard greens w/ bacon+onion,
homemade mac+cheese(frozen from last time, but still
homemade) and some fried-ass chicken. Damn, that
was some good chicken.

anyhoo, back to mondays... or today, really. it's
going by a little slowly, but looking forward to
this evening... the boys and i are going to a game
@ isotopes park, and we're riding our bikes ~ our
gang, the crusty jugglers will rule the streets, so beware!
too bad sagwah can't go... he'll be so sad.

anyhow, going to take a break w/ lori and walk
around the school and talk about the shenanigans
i missed friday night at a work party... good times.

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