Wednesday, September 17, 2008

it's wednesday, yay!

i'm happy it's wednesday for a
few reasons...the weekend is almost
here and it's also the makeover
show on america's next top model.
you know silly shit makes me happy
and i love it even more when one
or more of the girls flip the f*cK
out over their new look! hiLARious
and always a good time.

speaking of good times, i went to
see jenny lewis on monday night
and she was amazing! i went with
a lovely gal named Erin and we
had a great time! i took a few (not bad)
photos of lil' jenny, i'll post them
later and peed like 1,000 times...
as always. i have a small bladder,
what can you do? i also got to hear
my favorite song, yay me! have a
happy wednesday, yo!

(bob ross has absolutely nothing to do w/ this
post, i just really like him...)


Mint Julep said...

No tv for me tonight, being the anniversary and all. I WILL be looking at the makeover photos tomorrow online though.
Happy hump day!

Colleen said...

Oh, so lucky! I'd like to see her. And get her new album. And I love old Bob R. Just thought about him last night while cuddling the new pupp. It reminded me of the time on his show they cut away to footage of him cuddling the baby deer.

Andrea said...

ahhh, baby deer cuddles.