Monday, November 24, 2008


All Day I Dream About Don...
my latest obsession, Mad Men

unless you've been living under a rock,
then you probably know this is one of the
best shows on television right now. if you
haven't seen it, please do so. you're certain
to pick up a nasty smoking habit if you are
not currently on the nicotine.
i know.


i usually don't like getting outta bed
to start the work week, not sure anyone
does, but today wasn't so bad. i think
knowing that i get a whole day off on
thursday (with pay!) to cook and eat,
eat and cook helps. yes, a whole day.

i really enjoy waking up to feed the
chickens, also known as 'the girls'...
they are so weird. anyhow, they wake up
early and want to eat... a lot. they like
to talk and peck and run about all nimbly
. they sure are cute. and weird.
(my favorite girl, hazel.)

oh, and still no eggs.

also, i had posole for lunch today... yum.

(and you thought i couldn't be more random.)


Mint Julep said...

Mad Men on the queue yo!

Don't cook those chickens for your Thanksgiving feast. They do look yummy. Sorry.

Andrea said...

yay, you're going to love 'mad men'.

and those chicken heads are going to be plump and juicy and inviting... and as long as they have names, they will remain un-eaten. unless, of course, there is an emergency. then it's a free for all!

blythe said...

can we start a mad men blog? no one i know watches it. even though it's the best thing on tv. or was.