Tuesday, June 02, 2009

hey hey hey

i've been suuuper lazy when it comes to the old
blog lately... there were NO scooter accidents,
just laziness. anyhoo, i hope the few of you left
reading this are well.

i got to see my female soul-mate,neko case on
thursday night... she was fantastic, as always.
the crowd, however, needed a damn attitude
adjustment... serio. but, as always, i enjoyed
myself and listened to some sweet tunes!

we also BBQ'd this weekend, always a good time.
i made my famous potato salad and all was well
on the home front.

another fun thing lately? marathons of the oh so
hilarious arrested development. gosh, why do all
the great shows come to an early end? sucky!

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1 comment:

Mint Julep said...

The good shows come to an end because people are stupid and would rather watch crap like Super Nanny.