Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I had some time off last week... it was so nice to
sleep in and basically do whatever I wanted. We
originally planned to visit White Sands, but decided
to postpone the trip til it gets a little cooler in N.M.

We have spent a number of hours in the car for the
month of August, first up to Cortez, Co. for a memorial
for Craig's grandfather, then up to the Jemez for
some camping and scooter festivities. It was, of course,
debaucherous, but we all made it out alive. I won a
helmet in the raffle, amoung other goodies.

My best girl Amanda was in town last week, so it was
a blast catching up and laughing our asses off...having
a great time! I can ALWAYS count on her for that!

Another fun event? Buying and roasting a 30lb. bag
of Hatch Green Chile... the smell is one of the best
smells anyone could wish for! Serio.

Needless to say, we enjoyed peeling and bagging and tasting
the chile as it was roasted. We also made Chile Rellenos and they were GOOD!

That is all for now... stay tuned.

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