Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey Everybody!

Long time, no blog!

Hope you're well!

I've been up to a few things...
some exciting, some not so much.
Eh, such is life.

As I mentioned a while back, I dropped my
camera and have been using a loner (a BRICK!)
digital for important stuff. I want a new one,
preferably a DSLR, but we'll see when THAT
happens. Need some cash money, yo.

Anyhoo, I've been taking pics with my
old pal, Holga. It's been too long and it's
really nice to have her back in my life.
Stay tuned for some new shots.

I got to visit with some great friends this
past weekend. Amanda, Michell, Cara and Lori.
It was a blast to catch up and just be a girl!
We had a great time, may post a few blurry
pics soon!

Been enjoying the heck out of this gal:

Lola is a sweet thang! We really love her!

Bombay and the chickens are still around,
raising hell and whatnot.

And most recently, I was lucky enough to get a
Lambretta of my very own! That's right, I will be
riding around the 505 this spring, summer
and fall. Mine is a LI 125 Series 3, like this:

I'm really excited!
Honk if you see me!

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Mint Julep said...

Nice! I'll definitely honk if I see you.