Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lola for you!

Here is sweet Lola... she is also crazy.

Good crazy, though.

She has amazing amounts of non-stop energy...
we like to joke (totally serious) that she is
the most fit person in our household. Non-stop.

We sure do love her.

She seems sad in her photos, but trust... she is not!
I will try to take a pic of her on a walk... she
jumps (as high as me, I'm 5'6"), yelps with delight and
wags her tail to the point that it gets painful if she
whacks you with it enough times.

Love that Lola!

1 comment:

Nicolle said...

Oh she so doesn't look sad Andrea! In the top picture she looks so sophisticated and like posing lol! And the bottom one, well again she looks like she's posing and looking down! I seriously have taken a picture just like that!