Monday, April 23, 2007


I 'm always looking forward to the weekend
(who isn't?) and I'm always bummed when it
passes... for some reason, people are extra
annoying on Mondays.Oh well, not much can
be done about it.

We did have some good food though, that always
makes me smile. Sweets made some meatloaf (so good!)
on Saturday night and I could not be wait to
have cold meatloaf sandwiches the next day. I
made us sandwiches with some of the toasted bread
Craig is so good at making and added some garlic
mayo and THEY ROCKED! I didn't talk for the 5
minutes it took to devour the thing!

On Sunday we had a yard sale and got up early.
Here are some shots from our day outside:

Dinner that night called for beef, bean and
onion burritos with HOT ASS green chile that
Craig was so sweet to make us... they were sooo
hot and delicious, there was no time to photograph
it as I could not wait to dig in.

This was my Sunday night snack of chocolate ice
cream, rice chex and milk... I had it in bed:

this is definitely not a healthy midnight snack... i don't care,
it tastes so good! i am, however, embarrassed when i wake
up in the morning with chocolate around the corners of my
mouth... come on now.

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Anonymous said...

I love your pictures! Sounds like an excellent day all around!

And a little chocolate lingering in the morning is not such a bad thing!