Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm Big in Japan...

I listened to this on my way to work this morning... love it.

My friend Kristen is in town, so I get to hang out
with her and Lori tonight. I think we're going to
Anodyne to play pool- which I'm not very good at,
but still like playing. Craig is always so sweet
with me being able to hang out with the girls.
Gosh, I love him so.

**also, today is my 100th post... wow, time flies!

"I got the style
But not the grace.
I got the clothes
But not the face.
I got the bread
But not the butter.
I got the window
But not the shutter.

But I'm big in Japan-
I'm big in Japan-
But heh I'm big in Japan.

I got the house
But not the deed.
I got the horn
But not the reed.
I got the cards
But not the luck.
I got the wheel
But not the truck.

But heh I'm big in Japan.
I'm big in Japan-
I'm big in Japan."

--Tom Waits

1 comment:

Shana said...

Congratulations on 100 posts!!!

And now that song is with me for at least the rest of the evening...