Tuesday, July 08, 2008

tuesday rundown

hi there. it's been a week, A WHOLE WEEK, since
my last post. i've been lazy. and busy. and lazy.
that's a pic of me in case you forgot what i look like.

i did, however, have a really great 4th of july weekend
with my favorite guy. i love me some 3-day holiday
weekends...who doesn't? tell me so i can punch you.

on thursday we had a delightful dinner over at the world
famous (ok, south valley famous) monte carlo steakhouse
and it was awesome as always. i love walking into the
dark room with kitchy decor and drunken construction
workers enjoying a cold one at the bar. i also like how
they will stare me up and down like a piece of meat, even
though i'm CLEARLY with a handsome fella. it's okay,
craig doesn't mind... he knows i'm hot stuff.

on friday we had lunch at los cuates (don't even get me
started) and vowed not to go there for another year
or so. aside from their salty chips and sweet salsa,
it's nothing to write home about. since we were near
the sunflower market we stopped in and got some
fixings for a bbq over at our friend steve's place. it
was very mellow but a good time.

on saturday, we finished working on the chicken coop...
we had to add some netting to protect the girls from
predators. and we also added more poultry fencing as
the little brats (isotope and hazel) kept trying to
escape into bombay's yard. not a good idea for them
seeing as how bombs wants them BAD. anyhow, we
finished. thank god. then i was lucky enough to get
a ride with this guy on this:
that evening we watched a favorite around our
place lately, the wire. i love it. so does craig.

on sunday after angus was dropped off, the 3 of
us got in tamales and drove over yonder to the
corrales farmer's market and got 3 more chicks!
they are adorable and unique in their own way.
i will post some pics of them later, but the newest
members of the blanragg familia are (so cute!):

connie jr. the cuckoo maran.

blinky the ameraucana with green feet.

raquel the rhode island red.

very exciting...very!
here's isotope and hazel... they're growing fast!

and here's most of them chillin'...

and in honor of our new girls, i made us a yummy
ass brick chicken for dinner and we had some
greens from the garden with mashers...oh yeah.
craig (and angus too) desire the brick chicken
at least once a week, and although i love me
some crispy skin, it's a pain to make sometimes.
craig, though, is nice enough to cut the backbone
for me, i have issues with gagging if i think about
something too much, ie. raw chicken. he's just
so awesome like that.

last night we watched cloverfield... can you say
in-FUCKING-tense? i wasn't sure i'd like it, but it
was very entertaining and kept us on the edge of our
seats! i'd probably see it again... we'll see.

that's about it as far as my thrilling weekend goes.

what'd you do? was it soooo fun? or just bleh?

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Colleen said...

I wouldn't be able to watch Cloverfield again...too much jittery camera views. Yuk.