Monday, December 22, 2008

! Feliz Navidad !

i hope all of you are enjoying this
christmas-y time of year. i have taken
this time of year to eat and relax and
generally be lazy. i love it. and please
don't judge me... i said don't.

anyhoo, here are some more faves of
mine lately... yeah! more faves.

1. when frangela fills in for my
girl stephanie miller.

2. finding an old, but awesome morphine disc and
having it stir up old memories.

3. making and eating bizcochitos... we use lard in ours 'cause we
cool like that.

4. making and eating tamales, also made
with lard. yum.

5. the wire... obsessed! i'm seriously.

here's a little clip to get you in the holiday spirit!


Mint Julep said...

Bought some bizcochitos to take home to the fam. But they were from Wal-Mart, so probably not as good as yours.
Almost finished with the 1st season of The Wire. Totally digging it!
Happy holidays to you, my dear!

Lynn said...

I don't know you, but I likes me some lard, too!