Thursday, April 10, 2008

Celebrity Doppleganger?

Do you have one?
People have said that if I
did, it'd be Jennifer Tilly.

Great. I made the C/D list.

We both have great boobs
and dark hair and slanty eyes.
I can kind of see it... here are
some cheesy comparisons:

Now you have a turn.


Mint Julep said...

You do look like her.

People used to tell me I looked like Scully, but not so much these days.

Chef's Widow said...

I have been told Tara Reid which I can't believe I admitted. It's just because I have big hoo ha's. Oh...and I'm a classless drunk.

Andrea said...

mint julep: you're much cuter than ol' dana scully! ;)

chef's widow: 'hoo ha's'~ i love that and am stealing it! and you are much cuter than terror reid!