Friday, April 04, 2008

FRIDAY... i love you.

Crazy busy week, yes it's been insane.

Craig and I had some delicious El Patio for
our dinner last night. We early bird-ed it and
it was sooo good. I had the combo which consists
of enchiladas. 1 relleno and 1 taco, beans + rice.
Craig had huevos rancheros for dinner and we
both left very full and happy. Later, we watched
(for the 3rd time!) American Gangster and loved
it... again. We were also going to watch another
film, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: a film
about Wilco
, but we were too sleepy after having
a snack of muffalettas, balsamic vinegar chips, a
(LARGE) cinnamon roll and all that lying around is
pretty draining too. Anyhoo, we slept like some lil'
piggies, all comfy and fat and shit.

Anyhow, work is insanely busy, I should get back to
it, but I'll leave you with another Holga shot:

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Mint Julep said...

I always get the combo at El Patio. Yum!