Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Girls...

I'm super excited, I get to see 2 of my best
friends in May! I'm meeting Amanda in San Diego
where Rachael lives and I can't wait! Now, I have
known these gals since high school and we've all
done so much together. From Grateful Dead concerts,
to living together, to working together, to moving
away, getting married and having children, these
are the girls that I call my bestes friends! Steph
is also part of the 'Bud Chicks' - our "gang" in
high school - but she cannot come, she's having a
baby instead. She'll be with us in spirit while
we're all there... yes she will.

Here is Amanda and myself last year in New York @ her place:

This is Amanda + Rachael a few years ago in D.C. for A + E's wedding:

(thanks baby for helping me crop this pic!)

I have some really good pics of all 4 of us, so as soon
as I find those, they're going up. I think we all
have different hair colors in the older photos, so
it'll be interesting to see our style back in the
late 90's.

This is a song we used to love to listen to while cruising
in Sharona, Steph's Saturn. We were soooo tough!

"Gimme that, that, that nutt [3x]
Gimme that, Gimme that, Gimme that nutt"
--Eazy E

(I just realized the lyrics to this song are so bad and
dirty, I feel bad and dirty posting them...)

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