Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We Planted Some Trees This Weekend-

Craig and I did.

The City of Albuquerque was giving them away for a great
cause, so we were pretty excited to take part. On Saturday
morning we got up around 9:30am and decided to take Bombay
with us. He was as happy as ever, hanging in the park with his folks.

This one is an Afghanistan Pine:

This is the New Mexico Olive:

That is the south side of our yard out back.

And this is a Desert Willow:

This is our front yard... we may need to do some yardwork.
But aren't they great?!

After we planted our new trees, we headed out to Garcia's for a yummy lunch.
I had cheese + onion enchiladas with red chile, beans and rice.

And Sweets had a carne adovada burrito with all beans.

He's such a beaner.

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