Monday, March 26, 2007

Pugs and Shootin'...

We had a very busy weekend and I'm sorry it's over.

It started out with a play date @ the dog park with Bumbs.
It was supposed to be a Pug meet-up, but either the pugs
had to cancel due to weather or we were at the wrong park.
Whatever happened, we still had a great time. Angus had
never been to the dog park with us when we've taken Bombs
in the past, so I promised we'd go again. Here are a couple
of the photos we got-- Angus and I took them so I'm not sure
who took what, but these are the best ones:

After the park, Angus had a play date with his buddy Austin.
So after he was dropped off, Craig and I had some lunch and hit
Home Depot for some more house stuff. I love spending time
with Craig, trying to make our home better. We both agree, if
money wasn't an option we'd have the coolest house on Harvard Dr.

Saturday evening we had tacos for dinner made by yours truly.
They were "abuelita" style with potatoes and onions and they
were tasty.

On Sunday, after a yummy breakfast of french toast with Craig's
homemade bread, the 3 of us went shooting. Yes, shooting.
Craig taught me to fire a gun a few years ago when we worked
together, so I was not a complete stranger to shooting. The
guys had been out to the South Valley shooting before, but this
was our first family outing to the new Westside Shooting Range -
on Shooting Range Dr. Here are the pics we got:

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