Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Back Butterin'

is a term used in tiling and construction...
"Hey, man, I need some back butter NOW!
Keep it comin'... I need it all day long!"

(you had to be there.)

Anyhow, I had the day off so I got to sleep
in with the boys (my favorite thing to do!) and
then Craig and I drove up to East Central for
some delicious breakfast @ Perea's. The drive
to "that part of town" is always a blast as it
is the perfect area for some prime people watching.

We both had Huevos Rancheros.

And these are some shots, some played with,
of the drive back down East Central:

Then, upon return home, the 3 of us hopped back into
bed and took a nap for about an hour or so while listening
to re-runs of Craig's homies on the Don and Mike Show.
We woke up to Bombs flippin' out over the mail delivery.
At that point, we got up and had some tasty iced coffee
and did some chores. I got into some overalls and a
pink tee 'cause it was/is hot and Craig flirted with
me by saying I looked as though I was starring in a
porno 'cause of my outfit. Gosh, he's so frickin' sweet.

Now we're about to head out to the sto' fo' something
for supper. I really don't feel like cooking, so who
knows, we may have leftover pizza and a salad. We are
also going to watch World's Fastest Indian tonight, so
I'm looking forward to that. I love movie night with my

As we say in these parts..laterzzz.

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