Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whew, It's Almost Over!

the work week, that is.

Talked with my girl, Amanda yesterday and happy
to hear she'll be in NM in April... party time!

Went running again yesterday while Craig and
our cool friend , Joffe, talked bathrooms (ours
in particular) and showers and stuff. They will
be (woo-hoo!) finishing the project we started
last year and I couldn't be happier! And yes, our
bathroom was partially un-finished all year, get
over it... we can't all be perfect!

Made some pesto and pasta for dinner and also
had some delish Onion soup Craig made so damn

Today, I laughed at comments Rachael left me on
the old blog-- love that girl!

Also, I caught up on one of my fave sites, Stuff White
People Like
and did a little work while anticipating
tonights new episode of America's Next Top Model...
my fave this cycle so far is Amis. She's cute and quirky.
And I'm sorry, but Fatima is a bitch.

Now, I'm patiently waiting for my lunch break so I
can grab a ginger ale and get some sun!

How's your day going so far?

"Evil home stereo, what good songs do you know?
Evil me, oh yeah I know, what good curves can you throw?

Well all that icing and all that cake,
I can't make it to your wedding, but I'm sure I'll be at your wake.
You were talk, talk, talk, talkin' in circles that day,
when you get to the point make sure that I'm still awake, OK?"

~Modest Mouse , Bukowski

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