Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Looking Forward

to lots of things lately...

1. Wilco in May with my Sweets!

2. America's Next Top Model... it's
Wednesday, yo! And, my fave gal got
the boot last week, so now I'm liking
on Whitney and her "plus-sized" self.
(she's cute and sassy!)

3. Catching up on my fave new blog,
Chef's Widow... check it out if you
have a moment, her hubby is a bad-ass
chef, she has 2 adorable bebes and a pug.
I'm in.

4. Going to Northern Cali in June with my
favorite person for a scooter rally... yay!

5. Making all sorts of crafty things for
a craft fair coming up... coasters, candles,
photos, greeting and postcards, glitter and
so much more!

6. Having tomorrow off... going to get
my (evil) ojos checked- mama needs
some new glasses!

**Hi, Rachael Jean.


Chef's Widow said...

Thanks for the linkey link~

That is so great that your pug has a gray beard. Vito has been rockin' one since he was a couple months old. Now it is super white!

Andrea B. said...

bombs has been sporting his grey beard for the past few years... he's
wise and distinguished and a silver fox!